Vatican Wine Shop

Vatican Wine Shop
  • You are on holiday in Rome and you are a lover of good Italian wine and you like to buy typical products and genuine food.
  • You are in a B&B or a Hotel in the Vatican / Aurelio area and this evening you don’t want to go to dinner in a restaurant and you are tired of fast food.
  • You have just finished visiting some interesting museum or monument, you are nearby and now you want to take a look at some nice Italian shop that sells food of great quality and level.
  • You want good wine to take to your room and to combine with a dish you have ordered.

Then you are really looking for a good wine shop in the Vatican area, and therefore you absolutely must come here.

We are “Enoteca Vino in Anfora” a Vatican Wine Shop where you can find: Italian wines, spirits, craft beers, champagne and Italian sparkling wines, natural wines, wines made in amphora, typical food and specialities. White wines, sparkling wines and beers can be purchased already cold.

Here you can find wines and spirits with different prices, from cheap to more expensive. In addition, you can also buy our tapped wine that we will give you in our pet bottles.

When you have to leave, you can buy gifts for your friends and relatives or you can simply bring good wine and good food to your country.

Finally, if you particularly like something, you can order it through our Online Shop and we will ship it directly to your home. We deliver wine and more to most European countries and Switzerland.

You can pay with different methods: in cash, by Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card and even in cryptocurrencies!

Vatican Wine Shop: how to contact us.

Find our Vatican Wine Shop on Via Innocenzo XI, 38 and if you need further information you can also chat with us.

Telefono: +393272165581
Roma, 00165
Via Innocenzo XI, 38
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